Glock Cut Service With MAG-AD9 Purchase

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So you have an old Colt style bolt lying around but you really wish you could use our MAG-AD9 and Glock mags but do not want to buy another bolt, what do you do? 

We have a solution!

Stern Defense will take your Colt style bolt and Glock cut it for you. 

We are literally not even covering our cost to offer this service.  This is more of a thank you for being our customer!

Compare our service to others at 50 dollars and you can see why this is such a great deal.

This product will come with a digital download, downloading is not required. The included download is only printer friendly version of the requirements found below.


Your bolt needs to be Colt pattern, if it is not Colt pattern, your bolt will be returned to you with no modification.
If you are not sure if your bolt is eligible for this service please send a picture of the bottom of your bolt to
with the subject, "Is my bolt compatible".


PURCHASE: "What we require." 

Limit, one Glock cut service per MAG-AD9 Purchased.
(We do not offer this service unless you have already purchased a MAG-AD9 If you purchase this service and have not purchased a MAG-AD9 no refund will be issued)

SHIPPING: "How your items should be shipped." 

Customer will provide for shipping cost both ways. 


(When shipping your bolt, please include a return label inside of the box with your bolt.  If a return label is not received you will be contacted to provide shipping cost for the return of your item or it will be held until shipping cost is paid. We will hold the bolt/bolts for 30 days, if no payment is received within 30 days we will be forced to keep the bolt/bolts.)


(In the box with your bolt, please include a copy of the packing slip received with your MAG-AD9 or a copy of the order confirmation email containing the order number)

If purchasing this service and a MAG-AD9 at the same time, please include the confirmation email in the box.

If no order number is received in the box, you will be required to provide proof of purchase before we complete the work.

Alternatives to proof of purchase to follow.


(Please, in the box, include a slip with your name, a valid phone number, address, email address and if you are unable to provide a packing slip or email print please pencil in your order number on this same slip.


Please send your bolt and the required paperwork to:

Stern Defense

Attn: Glock Cut

20780 Suite A State Route JJ 

Summersville MO. 65571