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004-SD BU40-NiB-ECHO-D2-M

Looking for a PCC bolt compatible with the echo trigger right out of the box?  Here ya go!  Made with 8620 AISI steel and boasting a Nickel Boron, Melonite hybrid finish, the Stern bolt fits into Mil-Spec and Glock-pattern upper receivers.  It functions with Colt SMG, Glock magazines and it's fully compatible with standard AR15/M16 charging handles. Comes fully assembled with all sub-components installed, including firing pin/spring/retaining pin, extractor, and extractor spring.   Also included in bolt assembly is a propriety center and roll pins.

Technical Information:

  •     Made in U.S.A.
  •     Constructed from 8620 AISI steel.
  •     Custom 4140 billet extractor providing superior ejection.
  •     Glock cut.
  •     Coating: NiB & Melonite
  •     Weight: 15.5 OZ with weight 13.3 OZ without.
  •     40SW
  •     Echo compatible